Useful Information


The official language is Serbian, which belongs to the group of South Slavic languages. The official use of the Cyrillic alphabet, and it is and the Latin alphabet, as both are taught in school.
Serbian Cyrillic alphabet has 30 letters – for every sound one letter, making it unique in comparison to other languages.

Languages ​​and linguistic of national minorities are in official use in the regions where they live. Foreigners are advised to English and German, French and Russian are less frequent.


Air in Pozarevac is temperate continental, with four seasons.
Autumn is longer than spring, with long sunny and warm periods. Two weeks of late summer in October, which Pozarevac especially enjoy is called an Indian summer. The winters are not too harsh. On average, during the winter of 21 days recorded temperatures below freezing. January is the coldest month with an average temperature of 0.4 ° C. Spring is short and rainy, while summer arrives abruptly. The hottest months are July (21.7 ° C) and August (21.3 ° C).

At Pozarevac and environment annual rainfall average of 685 mm of rain and umbrellas are mostly used in May and June. Sunlight is most common in July and August, about 10 hours a day, while December and January are known as the cloudiest. In Pozarevac, on average, it snows 27 days a year.

Wind, strong southeasterly and easterly cold wind that occurs in the Carpathian Mountains, and to the town, bringing cold and dry weather, the real attraction is the climate Pozarevac. In autumn and winter, the east wind regularly ventilated Pozarevac. She can blow at a speed of 130 km / h and unmistakably collects the cold in the bones. On a bad reputation because of the countless umbrellas abducted or broken.


Area Codes
The telephone number for Pozarevac domestic (national) traffic is 012
Call number for Serbia in international traffic is 381
To call from abroad Pozarevac should face the appropriate country code, eg. 00, followed by Serbia’s code 381, area code (without the leading 0) 12
To call abroad from Pozarevac to turn the country code 00, then the country code, area code (without 0) and finally the phone number.
Important phone numbers:
Police – 192
Firefighters – 193
Ambulance – 194
Exact time – 195
Telegrams by phone – 1961
International calls – 19011
AMSS help on the way – 1987
Various sports information – 19812
Orthodox religious holidays and mores – 19822
Meteorological data – 19822

Time Zone

Požarevac and Serbia are located in the Central time zone – GMT +1, ie GMT + 2 from last Sunday in the third month to Saturday before last Sunday in the tenth month.
Like most cities in continental Europe, in Pozarevac electricity is 220V. The sockets are standard European.
In Pozarevac tap water for drinking.


In Serbia, the official currency is dinar, code is RSD.
Money can be replaced in all banks and post offices as well as at authorized exchange offices.
Dinar is issued in denominations of 10/20/50/100/200/500/1000/5000.
The rate of exchange you can check at the National Bank