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Pozarevac got a new government

During the meeting of the City of Pozarevac verified the mandates of 68 councilors, the new chairman of the legislative bodies of local self-government was elected Zarko Pivac (DS) as a function of confidence for...

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Socializing in Trieste

The sports center "Domio"  in Trieste was held 5th Ascension football tournament ("Spasovdan tournament in football") organized by the Association of Serbs "Vuk Karadzic". The tournament was played 2 and 3 June at three stadiums at the...

Spring Cleaning in Pozarevac

In the campaign's clean up Serbia, 9 June will be held in many cities cleaning "The Cleaning of Serbia" which in Pozarevac for a long lasting extensive preparation in order to justify the reputation of one...

Signed a coalition agreement

On the eve of the constitution of local government in Pozarevac signed an agreement on forming a coalition government between SPS-PUPS-JS, "Demokratska stranka" and "Srpski pokret obnove". The new majority have 37 out of 68...

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Marked Saints Holy Trinity of City Pozarevac

On the occasion of celebrating Holy Trinity of the city Pozarevac, traditional procession is held and in the Cathedral in Pozarevac performed the ritual cutting of cake. Pastry cook this year was Branislav Zivulovic -  Secretary...

Modern children’s clinic

After many years, completed the reconstruction of the child health and counseling services for infants in Pozarevac. The reconstruction of rooms in the department, purchasing furniture and equipment costing over 3 million dinars a portion of...

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