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Pozarevac on Tourism Fair

Tourist Organization of Pozarevac is on 34th International Tourism Fair in Belgrade, together with other municipalities Branicevo District. Miodrag Milosavljevic Mayor of Pozarevac speak about contribution of the local development of tourism in this region. Director of Tourism Organization Pozarevac Dejan Savic especially mentioned the possibility of further development of tourism facilities in line with global trends and regulatory capabilities that provide a chance this branch.

Otherwise, the most visited tourist place in Pozarevac and around is the archaeological site Viminacium, which was visited by over 75.000 tourists in 2011. year. According to the sequence of interest, tourists visited “Ljubicevske konjicke igre” that last year nearly 50,000 tourists visited. Pozarevac is featured at the fair and other tourist spots: Ergela Ljubicevo, Gallery “Milena Pavlovic Barili”, National Museum and the Ethno Park Tulba with the object “Pozarevacki mir.” Belgrade Tourism Fair opened on 23 February with the 1,000 exhibitors from 46 countries participating for the first time as representatives of Germany, the Czech Republic and Israel.

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  1. User Boban - 26 02 2012, 12:32 link

    Sa ovakvom demokratijom,sigurno nećemo uspeti da sredimo standard naših građana!...Najpre bismo trebali da uložimo sredstva u svrhu infrastrukture grada....A što se turizma tiče,kuda putovati praznih džepova???...