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Modern children’s clinic

After many years, completed the reconstruction of the child health and counseling services for infants in Pozarevac. The reconstruction of rooms in the department, purchasing furniture and equipment costing over 3 million dinars a portion of the funding raised Donation to local government and health center. Director of the Health Center Ljubisa Jovanovic said that in this way the level of health care services will be significantly improved and announced the reconstruction of the school clinic. The money collected through donations, so far have been renovated and equipped with emergency services in Pozarevac and Kostolac.


Mayor of Pozarevac Miodrag Milosavljevic, has expressed confidence that the local government and the next four years to provide further support for the reconstruction and equipping of the modern health center.

In the Health revealed a plaque dedicated to Dr. Miomir Brankovic, the founder of child health.

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Comments (2)

  1. User Borko - 01 06 2012, 13:53 link

    Podržavam ovakve akcije i projekte. Da ih je samo više...


  2. User dr.Petar - 01 06 2012, 10:35 link

    Svaka čast! Sve pohvale i sećanje na dr. Brakovića.