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Signed a coalition agreement

On the eve of the constitution of local government in Pozarevac signed an agreement on forming a coalition government between SPS-PUPS-JS, “Demokratska stranka” and “Srpski pokret obnove”. The new majority have 37 out of 68 councilors in the local parliament. At the constitutive session of the Assembly, which is scheduled for Wednesday, 6 June, is expected to be the formation of local authorities.

Zarko Pivac and Miomir Ilic told on a news conference after the signing ceremony, that the main goals of the new government to attract investment, increase employment and investments in urban infrastructure.

According to the coalition agreement, the Mayor takes place Miomir Ilic from the SPS, the President of the Assembly should be Zarko Pivac. Vukica Vasic and Milic Jovanović remain in positions of deputy mayor and president. The city council Socialists and the Democrats will have the four representatives and one member of the SPO.

Pivac and Ilic are not told the names of candidates for city council members, as well as staffing solutions to public companies, except that there will be no major changes.

Earlier it was discussed that since September, former mayor Miodrag Milosavljevic should not exceed the function of the Director of Construction, that Miodrag Stojimirović management direction to take place in the Sports Center and its director of the Center for Social Work be named Jasmina Turudić .


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Comments (2)

  1. User SKOLARAC - 05 06 2012, 18:57 link

    "...privlačenje investicija, povećanje zaposlenosti i nastavak ulaganja u gradsku infrastrukturu".

    Bas da vidimo sta ce od ovoga biti.
    Neka nam je sa srecom. :)

  2. User TheSrb - 05 06 2012, 18:51 link

    Isti ljudi druge funkcije.
    Ok, mozda to i nije lose...bicu optimistican, iako sam za to da se postave novi ljudi. Svezina je ono sto treba nasem gradu.