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Pozarevac got a new government

During the meeting of the City of Pozarevac verified the mandates of 68 councilors, the new chairman of the legislative bodies of local self-government was elected Zarko Pivac (DS) as a function of confidence for the new mayor went Miomir Ilic (SPS) and the appointed members of City Council. Ilic is a function of the support members 45 and 43 Pivac representatives of the inhabitants of Pozarevac which means that they trust, and pointed out some odbornka opposition parties.

The new majority in local parliament consists of the SPS-PUPS-JS, DS and DSS a new coalition government has 37 members and the coalition agreement between the partners who will be in power in the forthcoming period, was signed on the eve of the constitutive session of the City.

Deputy President of the Assembly appointed Milica Jovanovic (SPS) and the deputy mayor Vukica Vasic (DS) who have been so far on these functions.

For City Council members were appointed: Aleksandar Djokic, Slađan Stevic, Radomir Mihajlovic, Gordana Kosanović, Marina Nikolic, Miroslav Djordjevic, Milan Stojićević, Dragan Radovanovic and Vojislav Stojićević. According to the coalition agreement, SPS and DS have four seats in local government, and an SPO.

Thanks to all contributors, former mayor Miodrag Milosavljevic said that in the last three and a half years, much has been done on a particular development plan documents in the city, which is the basis for further development, a major problem to the further development of an unresolved property relations .

Miomir Ilic recalled that after two decades at the helm of the function comes in where he was briefly the youngest president of the then Municipality of. The new mayor is expected to continue and started many major tasks completed during the term of the new government.

Representatives of the biggest parties in the ruling coalition, the SPS and DS said they will work on bringing investment and solving unemployment, better position of vulnerable persons and efficient local government.

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