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proposed statute, budget and other decisions and acts passed by the Assembly, except for decisions on the appointment and dismissal of members of parliamentary working bodies, members of management and supervisory boards of public enterprises, institutions, organizations and agencies, founded by the city, school board members in primary and secondary schools proposed by the Commission for the selection and appointment of the Assembly;
directly implement and ensure the implementation of decisions and other acts of the Assembly;
decisions on interim financing in the event that the City Assembly does not adopt the budget before the start of the fiscal year;
supervise the work of the City Administration, or abrogate acts of the City Administration, which do not comply with the law, statute and other general act or decision taken by the City Assembly;
resolved in administrative proceedings in the second instance on the rights and obligations of citizens, companies, institutions and other organizations in administrative matters within the jurisdiction of the city;
ensure the implementation of delegated competencies from the rights and duties of the Republic;
appoint and dismiss the Chief of the City Administration, or the Chief of the specific areas if they are educated city administration for specific areas; and
give consent to the act on internal organization and the City Administration.
Mayor represents the City Council convenes and chairs its sessions.

The mayor is responsible for the legality of the City Council.

The mayor is obliged to suspend the application of the decision of the City Council that it considers that it is not consistent with the law.

The City Council can decide if the majority of the total number of its members.

The City Council decides by majority vote of the members present, unless the law or these Articles of particular issues requires a different majority.

The organization, operation and decision making of the City Council is further elaborated by its rules, in accordance with the law and these statutes.

The City Council consists of the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and 10 City Council members, who are elected by the City Assembly for a term of four years by secret ballot and a majority of the total number of councilors.

Candidates for members of the City Council proposes a candidate for mayor.

When deciding on the election of the Mayor of the City Assembly also decides on the election of Deputy Mayor and City Council members, at the same meeting.

The mayor is the president of the City Council.

Deputy Mayor of the City Council by function.

City Council members elected by the Assembly of the city can be both councilors and may be responsible for one or more specific areas within the jurisdiction of the city.

A member who is elected as a member of the City Council stops representative mandate.

City Council members may be permanently employed by the City Administration, and can perform this function and volunteer, as decided by themselves after the election.

In the case of performing the functions of volunteer members of the City Council shall be entitled to financial compensation.

Mayor and City Council regularly report to the City Council, at its own initiative or upon request, on the execution of decisions and other acts of the City

The termination of the mandate of the Assembly, the mandate of the executive authority of the city, but they perform current affairs within its jurisdiction until the entry into office of the new mayor and the City Council or the President and members of the interim authorities, if the Assembly was terminated due to dissolution.

City Council members:

Име и презимеРесорЗанимање
Иван ЈовићДруштвене делатности и социјална питањаДипл. електро инжењер


ПољопривредаДипл.инж. пољопивреде


Буџет и финансијеДипл.ецц.

у пензији

Драган Костић  Комунална инфраструктура и саобраћајЕкономиста
Марко МилојевићПредузетништвоСсс-трговац
Весна ПејићПросвета, образовање и здравствоПрофесор разредне наставе
Дејан КрстићНевладине организације, култура  и  информисањеТермоенерг. техничар
Срђан РадовановићГрадска општина Костолац и месне заједницеСаобраћајни техничар
Ана МиљанићСпорт, омладина и туризамПрофесор физичког васпитања
Владимир ПетровићУрбанизам и заштита животне срединеМагистар просторног планирања
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