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Donation General Hospital in Pozarevac

General Hospital in Pozarevac International Women’s Club from Belgrade gave birth as a defibrillator and a donation is realized in the action of B92 Fund “Battle for the baby”. Funds for the purchase of the birth of the table were collected in charity bazaar held in December last year. Through the “battle for the baby”, but Pozarevac hospital equipment is received and the children’s clinic in Tirsova, said the wife of the Ambassador of Japan in Serbia, Ecuko Cunozaki. – International Women’s Club seeks to foster international understanding among members, to promote cooperation between communities, to support the Serbian community where it is needed most. I am especially pleased, as here this year using funds raised at the annual bazaar in December last year, we are able to help two hospitals. Advocating B92 generous help we were able to realize these two grants and I am very happy that we are thus able to support the campaign “The battle for the baby”. International Women’s Club of the General Hospital in Pozarevac presented as the delivery and am very glad that he is already in use. In addition to the delivery table, the International Women’s Club has donated a defibrillator for the ambulance to the hospital, which is also already in use. Finally I would like to inform you that the city Pozarevac I would visit the most in Serbia and now I feel that I am back in my hometown. In Japanese all the words to describe “Hrusato” the inhabitants of Pozarevac well know.

Hospital Director Dr. Srecko Bosic said that it is a valuable donation and equipment that was necessary Gynecology and Obstetrics Department.

– It’s not often that we have such distinguished guests in our institution, who expressed care and love for us and gave us a very useful and valuable gift. That is what the delivery, which in our institution zanavlja this type of equipment that had previously been neglected. I am especially pleased that our collaboration with the Japanese Ambassador Ms wife, Mrs. Cunozaki, takes a long time and it is now turned to the International women’s circle really, over the stock B92, found the hearing to assist the institution, which I think is one Time was marganizovana and was not in the plans for Relief and Development. We are now on the new road and expect that this cooperation continues “.

International Women’s Club, Mrs. Cunozaki and the B92, the aid that has been provided Pozarevac thanked the Mayor Miomir Ilic.

– I have the great honor and especially zadovoljsatvo that as mayor of Pozarevac, in his own name and my pronouns Vukice Mrs. Vasic. Especially like to thank you for your attention and once again, for the umpteenth time, appearing with TV – B92 and the Embassy of Japan as a health care center donors. First it was the health center, and after the transformation of the medical facilities at the Health Centre and General Hospital in Pozarevac, donations will continue so we are extremely honored and remembered, appreciated. I hope to continue this donation and we will be eternally grateful and extremely durable and to be friends and we respect that”.

Otherwise, the International Women’s Club brings together more than 200 member-volunteers from more than 40 countries worldwide. As a non-profit organization with ties to the diplomatic and international business circles, trying to offer international environment a better understanding of conditions in Serbia for ease of operation, to promote knowledge and their work to help raise funds for humanitarian and social projects.

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