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Movies we like

In the presence of officials of local self-government, digital collections of the Historical Archives of Pozarevac, titled ”Movies we like”, was exhibited at the City Gallery on “Stari korzo”.

The exhibition features a collection of movie posters and film advertising material of domestic film industry in the period since 1947. to 1980. year. The author of this exhibition is the archivist Miloradovic Dragan Nikolic who said that this collection was created thanks to Mark Ckonjevic who systematized collection of posters collected and presented in digital archives.

About this exhibition, which was opened by Mayor of Miomir Ilic, as well as the numerous activities of the Historical Archives said the director of this institution, Mr. Nikolic Jasmina.

The opening ceremony of the exhibition was attended by the famous actor Velimir Bata Zivojinovic who said he was glad that this one, comprehensive event dedicated to the domestic film festival organized in Pozarevac.

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