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Municipal Kostolac

Municipal Kostolac is one of two urban municipalities of Pozarevac, together with the Municipality of Pozarevac.

Kostolac had the status of the district municipality of Pozarevac between 1949th to 1956. years, after which the area of ​​the former municipalities Kostolac became a part of the Municipality of Pozarevac. 1990th referdum was held at which the 97.8% of voters voted to form a municipality Kostolac, this idea was not realized until today. The new law on territorial organization of the Republic of Serbia adopted 27th December 2007. the former municipalities Pozarevac received city status and thus gained the ability to form municipal Kostolac as the urban municipality of Pozarevac, not as an independent. Area of ​​the municipality is 10 290 ha.

Assembly Kostolac City Municipality has 21 members.

More detailed information about the City Municipality Kostolac can be found in the Information Booklet for this state agency.

Municipal Kostolac contact:

phone: 241-830

e-mail: grad.kostolac@open.telekom.rs

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