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Sports Center “Pozarevac”

Sports Center “Pozarevac” is a multi-sports complex where’s organized sports, entertainment, entertainer, and humanitarian programs from almost all over Europe and other countries – Germany, Russia, Greece, China, America, Cuba, Turkey, Austria, Italy, Hungary , Poland, Bulgaria, Romania … All of them competed with members of our team in volleyball, basketball, football, table tennis, boxing, handball, water polo, billiards, martial arts …


It also sports school in basketball, handball, football, gymnastics, and training of non-swimmers are especially important when taking care of the youngest in the matter. “Games Without Frontiers”, with whose implementation began 1991st years. and in the next nine years, held a total of nine cycles, the events that brought together participants preschools and elementary schools of our community. It is estimated that the entertainment and sporting fairytale gathered nearly 150 000 children. 1995th years. “Games …” experienced its international promotion of recreation in the European Congress in Bratislava …

Phone: 012/555-177

Pool: 012/555-057

Address: Partizanska 1, 12000 Pozarevac

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