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A reception of volleyball players

At City Hall, leaders of local government of Pozarevac  prepared for the reception of volleyball team “Mladi radnik” who this year played a final cup in Serbia. This year the volleyball team “Mladi radnik” achieved great success qualifying for the final cup and winning the fourth place in the championship run by the European “Challenge Cup”. In gratitude Mayor Miodrag Milovaljević donated replicas of the monument of Prince Milos Obrenovic to all the players and coaching staff members .

Mayor Milosavljevic said that, as an incentive for future good results, the city will financially reward players. Hosts and representatives of the Volleyball Club “Mladi radnik” officials have welcomed by the Sports Federation of Serbia and President Alexander Sostar.

Chairman of the Board Club Pekovic Ivan says that next season one of the goals of winning the Cup. “Mladi radnik” forward “play off” in the championship and “Challenge Cup” in October.

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