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The traditional naming foals in Ljubicevo

In Stud “Ljubicevo” held the traditional event unique in Serbia – the presentation and naming dvogocima, future stud hope, the people generally known as “baptism of foals,” which was organized for the seventh time. Among the godfathers were Defense Minister Dragan Sutanovac, Bozidar Djurovic director of the National Theatre, Belgrade, Natasha Savic, director of the company from RIO Costal, Dejan Savic, director of the Tourist Organization of Pozarevac, and Dragan Miskovic, a car mechanic from purple , as well as numerous representatives of public, political, cultural and sporting life Pozarevac.

Sutanovac his “kumčetu” was known by the name “Kosmaj,” the head of the National Theatre Bob Đurović foal given the name of a mythical “Šišiga,” Director of Tourism Organization Dejan Savic her foal was named after the legendary wizard “Merlin” . The only man at the event, Natasha Savic, madenula foal is the name of “Apollo”. Kum “host” was Dragan Miskovic, a car mechanic from purple, which is named dvogocu “Merak”.

After cutting the mane, men are enrolled in “poreklopisnu book” Pozarevac stud, and then get a gift for an art image featuring horsemanship and a gilded horseshoe.

From the first baptismal foals, organized 12th May 2006. year to date has received the names of 36 foals. In the stables, “Milan” grown more than 60 thoroughbred horses, like the famous stallion Farkad, originating from the UAE who arrived in a horse farm Pozarevac rasnosti to raise its head.

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