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The scheduled meeting of constituent assembly Pozarevac

Constitutive session of the Assembly of Pozarevac is scheduled for 6 June, said the president of the local government bodies Miomir Ilic at the press conference. Assembly is to verify the mandate of councilors should be elected President of the Assembly, and was appointed Deputy Secretary in the next four years.

According to announcements, on the meeting should be elected mayor, his deputy and appointed members of city council.

The session will be chaired by the oldest member of Momir Pejanovic PUPS. The new Parliament will consist of Pozarevac: SPS-PUPS-JS with 18 councilors, “Sprska napredna stranka” 17, “Demokratska stranka” 17, “Ujedinjeni regioni Srbije” 6, “Preokret” 5 and “Srpska napredna stranka” five members.

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