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Donor evening for Health Center

Action “Urgent – urgent”, which was launched in December, joined several public and private companies as the reason to organize a major donor of the representatives of the Health Center and thanked the city Pozarevac funds raised and urged potential donors to take action to modernize the ambulance service and the Children’s Health Center continues.

Representatives of the Health and City of Pozarevac expressed satisfaction with the collected funds for the modernization of the ambulance service and the Children’s Health Center in Pozarevac. Cash contribution to medical and other equipment gave several public and private enterprise.

– We are the last few months has actively worked to what can be repaired so. An Ambulance was already arrived, we bought the appliance: a defibrillator, 2 ECG machine, 2 nebulizers, two sets of incubation, some of the bags that are needed for doctors and nurses who go out into the field. During the construction work, which started today, so it was agreed about video surveillance. It was agreed that work should begin in parallel with the construction progresses. The novelty is that they record the conversations and incoming call, and we thus to raise the quality of our services for reasons that we see who is calling, the reasons why and how our doctors answer the calls. The ramp will be done, complete preen, which includes the classic office furniture and chais so will essentially be a new space in which to work our doctors. We went in parallel with this work around Emergency Planning. Work is in progress on the Children’s clinic and it was in a similar situation as Emergency. The two classes we displace, although Health Center does not have enough space, but we tried to respect those standards that are essential for our patients, not to mix healthy and the sick and especially as to the children, and create acceptable conditions for all patients, said Ljubisa Jovanovic, director of the Health Center of Pozarevac.

The priority of this action was the modernization of the ambulance in Pozarevac. Thanks to the funds of the Company “Termoelektrane i kopovi” Kostolac should soon be completed modernization of the ambulance in Kostolac, which will evolve into a service and be capable of acting on the ground by the end of the month as previously announced, will be open and modernized ambulance service in Pozarevac.

– This donor Chamber recalls the snowy night. It reminds people of a wide heart and good intentions towards theirfellow loved ones, we will soon open ambulance in Kostolac. Works are in progress and 30 Emergency opening in April with all equipment and vehicles in Pozarevac. This is the first phase, but the first phase will enable our citizens a contemporary and modern ambulance, with the proviso that we will not stop with this idea, we’ll continue to modernize our emergency room because we want it and most importantly to the emergency medecine, what is most important when seconds, minutes are concerned, we are on the site for that reason we have invited the chief of police, as those who are first on the spot. Firefighters, traffic police, criminal police and ambulance, because it is related stories to the hospital director to be logistically to help our patients when transported from the place to the hospital. And that common action must always be in the region, said the Miodrag Milosavljevic mayor of Pozarevac that this opportunity to thank all those who have been involved in the action and urged potential donors to assist in compliance with the possibilities.

On the evening it was announced that the following donors: PD “TE-KO Kostolac”, “RIO” Costal, Pozarevac public companies “Komunalne sluzbe”, “Vodovod i kanalizacija”, “Toplifikacija”, “Pharmacy”,  PD “Georad”, Veterinary Specialized Institute “Kodeks”, “Evrotrgovina” Sapine”, “Jovic construction”, SZR “Gorionik”, “Market parket”, “Sector”  and “Dunav osiguranje”.

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