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Donor evening for Health Center

Donor evening was held in the conference room of City buildings and facilities and specific donations collected are intended for realization of the second phase of reconstruction and modernization of the Health Center. With the help of donations collected so far, work began on the renovation of the building, purchased new medical equipment, furniture and uniforms and introduces a system of video surveillance.

Representatives of the Health and City of Pozarevac expressed satisfaction with the collected donations. Financial contributions, medical and other equipment provided by 14 companies from the public and private sectors. The specific amount and the funds collected should be announced later.

Director of the Health Center Ljubisa Jovanovic said that since the beginning of the year purchased a new ambulance, a defibrillator, two EKG machines, inhalers and incubation sets and sets of equipment for doctors in the field. Work is in progress on the modernization of child health facilities and emergency services. The new ambulance calls will be recorded, revealed Jovanovic.


– Incoming calls will be recorded and thus will raise the quality of our service. We’ll see who’s calling, the reasons why and how physicians respond to our call. Will be purchased complete office and hospital furniture, so it will be a brand new space in which to work our doctors, ” – he said. The second phase involves the formation of modernization and equipping of ambulance stations that are part of the Health Center.

Since December, when the action started, the priority was to modernize the service. First of all, thanks to funds TE Kostolac soon should be to complete the modernization of emergency in Kostolac which will evolve into a service capable of performing the operation in the field. By the end of the month will be opened and modernized service in Pozarevac.

Mayor of Pozarevac Miodrag Milosavljevic said that the fact will not stop and that the ultimate goal of a responsible and efficient emergency medicine as part of a unifiedemergency.

-I will continue to modernize our emergency. When lives are at danger, and every second is very important, we want to be on the spot. Here is the police chief and director of the hospital because the joint action of all agencies, police, fire-rescue workers, ambulances and hospitals must always be level ” he said.

Milosavljevic thanked all those who have so far joined the action and urged potential donors to assist in compliance with the possibilities.

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