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City officials visited the utility works

City officials visited the works of public utility works-construction of rain collectors investments “Knez Milosev venac” and the secondary water system for Bubusinac and Maljurevac.

Rainwater collector has a length of 2.8 kilometers, which is designed to collect surface water from the city of hills and redirect them to “Brezanski canal” should be built next year.

Works are currently taking place up the street “Djura Djakovic” and collector should pass through the following streets – Koste Abrasevica and “Knez Milosev venac”. Pozarevac with the construction of the collector should solve probllem flooding streets in the central city during the abundant rainfall, says  the mayor Miodrag Milosavljevic.

Rural water supply network in Babusinac and Maljurevac builds rapidly. It should set a total of 7.4 kilometers of pipes and deployment is planned for later this year. Deputy Chairman of Parliament of Pozarevac city – Milic Jovanovic said that the project was important for residents in these villages. The total value of works on the secondary water supply system in villages was 11.8 million. All the money from the budget fund for environmental protection.

Rainwater collector for the whole project should cost 93 million dinars. Construction should be carried out in four phases. This year is scheduled for completion the second phase worth 21 million dinars.

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