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Public companies return profits to the founder

Ahead of the meeting of the City of Pozarevac, the City Council in the new session is held the first special session whose main conclusion was that all public companies in the future return 40 percent of the gross profit in 2011.  to founder for the city budget. 

Mayor of Pozarevac Miomir Ilic, at the press conference on the meeting of the Council, explained that the remaining 60 percent, according to the Law on Public Enterprises and companies, serve to increase capital or cover the debts of public enterprises from the previous year.

– A total of seven public companies that are the responsibility of Pozarevac. JKP “Komunalne sluzbe” last year made a net profit of 8,939,655 dinars, of which 40 percent or 3,575,866 dinars allocated for the benefit of public funds, while 60 percent goes to increase the capital of the founder. Public Utility Company “Vodovod i kanalizacija” had retained earnings of 6,984,448 dinars, 40 percent, or 2,789,779 dinars goes in favor of public revenue, a 60 percent increase in the capital of the founder. Retained profits JP “Toplifikacija” was 41,382,609 dinars, of which 16,553,043 dinars allocated for the benefit of the public revenues of the City, while 60 percent of companies pokrini losses from previous years. JKP “Parking Servis” had broken down profit of 1,188,266 dinars 475 306 dinars from the total amount will be returned to the city. Broadcasting company “Radio Pozarevac”, last year made a profit 75 378 dinars, of which 40 percent, respectively, 30.15102 million dinars allocated for the benefit of the public revenues of the City. JP “Ljubicevo” had a profit of 84 238 dinars, 33 695 dinars is allocated for the benefit of public funds, while the rest cover the losses of the company. Last year, JP “Direkcija za izgradnju grada Pozarevca” made a profit of 1,036,647 dinars, which is distributed so that 40 percent goes to the benefit of the public revenues of the City, while the remainder is transferred to the next year as the surplus revenue. The City Council this distribution by a public company, nominated councilors of the Assembly for adoption,  said Ilic, addressing the public. These seven are public companies, who last year made a total profit of almost 60 million.

On the agenda were found and reports dealing with financial performance indicators in the last year of public companies, “Radio Pozarevac”, “Direkcija za izgradnju”, “Toplifikacija” and “Ljubicevo” and discussed the request of JP “Direkcija za izgradnju” for amendment of the financial plan in 2012. year.

A new session of the City Council adopted the Commission’s report on financing of nongovernmental organizations and associations this year from the budget. Adopted the report of the Commission for allocation of funds for financing and co-financing projects in the culture of what is said Deputy Mayor Vukica Vasic.

– Budget of Pozarevac for co-financing of NGOs and associations, is allocated 1.5 million dinars. For the first time this year we chose the co-financing programs in the field of culture, for which it was allocated 2,000,000 dinars. This competition has received 58 applications, of which 21 accepted and 37 rejected. For youth, children and humanitarian program, and for the program from the fields of economy, have been chosen by 300,000 dinars. For sports and environmental programs and programs for ethnic minorities and non-classification content, is allocated by 10 percent, or 150,000 dinars. Entered the contest a total of 69 applications of which 26 were rejected and 10 were not valid. In those who did not meet the requirements of the competition include applicants who were not in possession of the necessary co-financing of projects that were nominated. The Commission’s allocation of funds for youth programs all opted 300,000 dinars. For humanitarian was awarded 180,000, leaving a 120,000 dinars, while the economic program remain unallocated funds in the amount of 30.000 dinars. For sports, unclassified and environmental applications, reserved funds in the amount of 150,000 dinars, while the minority programs has not received any complaints. Since the implementation of certain program funds spent less than planned, the Commission has decided to 300,000 dinars used for programs of social importance such as those for: “Udruzenje pcelara” (Beekeepers Association) (46,000 dinars), “Kreativna pedagogija” (Association “Creative pedagogy”) (64,000 dinars), and “Srpsko-grcko prijateljstvo” (the Association Serbian-Greek Friendship) (100,000 dinars). The balance shall be distributed to the City Council subsequent ballot arrived by applications and requirements, emphasized Vasic.

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