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Cradle of the Serbian judiciary

On the building of Polytechnic School of city Pozarevac memorial plaque was unveiled at the place where it was the first “Nahijski Sud” (Nahyan Court), established back in the 1821st year, which made this town became the cradle of justice in the modern history of Serbia. The plate is exposed to mark the Great Jubilee – 190 anniversary of Nahyan Court (Nahijskog Suda) in Serbia, which was established in Pozarevac by decree of Prince Milos Obrenovic at 7 May 1821st year.

The Memorial was officially discovered by the acting president of the High Court in Pozarevac, the judge Dragan Vucicevic and the mayor of Pozarevac Miodrag Milosavljevic. The Court is located in the building called “Vasic house”, where he later built “The House of Trade Youth” of Belgrade, today’s Polytechnic School. Establishment of the Court began the process of creating the modern Serbian state in the nineteenth century, with the usual legislative, executive and judicial authority,  said the judge Vucicevic.

The mayor Miodrag Milosavljevic said that the unveiling of a memorial plate marking this major anniversary Pozarevac wants to show that it was an important factor in the process of building the modern Serbian statehood. The central event, marking the nineteenth anniversary of the establishment of the First Nahyan Court in Pozarevac will be held on 9 of December.

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