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The contest for allocation of funds for cultural clubs in 2011. year

Based on Article 76 Law on Culture (“RS Official Gazette” No. 72/2009) and the Decision on the Budget of Pozarevac in 2011. (“Official Gazette of Pozarevac” No. 12/10 and 1 / 11), the City Council of Pozarevac, announce


For allocation of funds for cultural and artistic societies in 2011. year


The right to participate in with cultural and artistic societies that are registered, I whose activity takes place in the city of Pozarevac (competition does not refer to cultural and artistic societies whose activities take place in the territory of the City Municipality Kostolac).


Cultural societies can apply for financing / co-costs relating to:

-Organize and participate in events at home and abroad

-Purchase of fixed assets required for the activity of cultural and artistic societies that foster traditional National creativity.


Application Form for the Competition can be obtained from the office No.9, City Administration Pozarevac Drinska No.2, 12 000 Pozarevac.

With the application form must be submitted to the competition:

Proof of registration (a solution of registration issued by the Agency for Business Registers-APR)

Photocopy of  TIN

Program Plan and Financial Plan for 2011. Years (with program and financial plan I submit to the official calendar of the competition, or a call to a specific event, which in its program includes elements of folk art)

Copies of the request for funding in other instances, or confirmation of approved funding – when it has them

Financial report for the previous financial year


The deadline for applications is 15 days after publication of the competition.


Application submitted to: The City Council of Pozarevac, the Commission for allocation of funds for cultural clubs, street Drinska No. 2, 12 000 Pozarevac, stating:

Job application for allocation of funds for cultural and artistic societies in 2011. – DO NOT OPEN


The City Council of Pozarevac will decide on the allocation of funds within 20 days after the deadline for submission of applications.

Upon the decision of the City Council of Pozarevac on cultural and artistic societies which will be financed from the budget of Pozarevac in 2011. year, all applicants will be notified of competition results in writing.

NOTE: Incomplete and late applications will not be considered.


The contest will be published in the “word people” as well as on the website of Pozarevac www.pozarevac.rs.

Application Form can be downloaded HERE

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