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About city

Basic data

State Serbia
Province central Serbia
County Branicevo
Population 41,736
Agglomeration 74.902
Coordinates 44 ° 36’33 “N 21 ° 10’34 “E
Times UTC +1, summer UTC +2
Altitude 94 m


Požarevac an important administrative, economic and cultural center of Serbia, is located at about eighty kilometers southeast of Belgrade. It is located between three rivers: the Danube, Morava and Mlava and below the hill Cacalica.

The territory of the present-day municipality covers an area of ​​491 square kilometers, of which 80% of the territory is arable land. The country is also one of the most valuable resources of the region, the fertile plains and the grip of Pomoravsko, Danubian and Mlava coast.

It consists of two urban (city Pozarevac a large energy center Kostolac) and 25 villages, with about 90,000 inhabitants. Požarevac, as an economic and cultural, as well as the administrative center and the seat of Branicevo great importance for the whole region. Branicevo next Pozarevac includes the municipalities of Veliko Gradiste, Golubac, Žabari, Žagubica, Kučevo, Malo Crnice and Petrovac.


The total length of roads in the city Pozarevac is 183 km, of which 165 km are classified as the modern carriage. The main roads are 48 km network of local roads 64 km of modern roadway. Although the connection between settlements in Pozarevac satisfactory, is still insufficiently developed local road network, and a network of modern roadways.

City Pozarevac is a very important line Beograd Bor-Zajecar, connecting Timocka and the entire western border of Serbia with a network of railways of Serbia.


From industrial centers are known Concern of healthy food “Bambi” Company “Thermal Power Plants and Mines” Kostolac, “Veolia Transport” (formerly TP “Litas”) and “Žitostig.”

Most of the others, once developed industry, vigorously shaken in the nineties of the last century, when a large number of big businesses failed or weakened (Meat Industry, “Voćeprodukt”, factory fodder “Stižanka”, Sugar Factory, Machinery Factory “Morava”, garment factory” CEBA “, ” Moravka “et al.). In a significant development of the small business and construction and agricultural production.

Due to the fact that part of the rural population in the vicinity of working abroad, to the town, to significantly invest in small businesses, construction and the service sector. In Pozarevac also a large number of supermarkets such as Rodic, Tempo, Maxi, Idea etc..

Interesting facts

Around Pozarevac is a number of significant archaeological sites and the largest Viminacium around Kostolac.

In addition Pozarevac is correctional home – prison  “register” in the city is located and female CRC.

At the end of the 19th century, it was once lived Prince Milos Obrenovic. Around summer house erected for his wife Ljubica emerged paddock and settlement Ljubicevo.

Požarevac is known for Ljubicevo Equestrian Games, which are traditionally held on the first Sunday in September in Požarevac Hippodrome.

Known countrymen artist Milena Pavlovic Barili, in the village of Rabrovo was born famous actress Žanka Stokić and Milivoje Zivanovic.

In addition Pozarevac is a building PD “Power Plants and Mines” Costal, in whose works the power plant “Kostolac B” stands firmly highest building in the Balkans, and it is her chimney which rises 309 meters.

Famous residents

Miloš Obrenović
Nikola Pašić
Đura Jakšić
Milena Pavlović Barili
Milivoje Živanović
Miodrag Purković
Hrizostom Vojinović
Vojislav Ilić Mlađi
Cincar Janko Popović
Petar Dobrnjac
Milenko Stojković
Đorđe Jovanović
Živojin Đorđević
Živka Matić
Velibor Vasović
Prvoslav Vujčić
Radomir Lukić
Saša Ilić
Ignatije Midić
Patrijarh srpski Dimitrije
Mihajlo Bata Paskaljević
Slobodan Milošević
Novica Marjanović
Milutin Petrović
Ilija Petrović
Zorica Brunclik
Dragana Mirković
Pavle Savić
Petar Džadžić
Milan Đorđević
Slobodan Stojanović
Bora Spužić Kvaka
Radmila Manojlović

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