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“Milivojev stap i sesir” to Aleksandar Tadic

Aleksandar Tadic procalimed for the best actor for the eight meeting of the borought of theater “Milivojev stap i sesir” in Pozarevac who is a member of the ensemble of amateur theater “Rasa Plaović” from Ub. Tadic is the role of Radovan in “Heroji” with a stick got a replica of the famous actor hat Milivoje Zivanovic.

During the six-day festival, the audience had seen the best performances of local amateur theater. The official competition was played five performances theaters from Krusevac, Ub, Prokuplje, Kovin and the host city. Although there’s amateur actors, plays were at a high artistic level which is recognized by the audience filling the large hall of the Cultural Center of Pozarevac.

Eighth meeting of the borough of theater “Milivojev stap i sesir”, they closed the recent winners of the festival “Zivko Matic” from Krnjevo amateur actors, the play “Ljubav na seoski nacin.”

Pozarevac is the only city in Serbia, which has three theater festivals, two of which are dedicated to an actor – Milivoje Zivanovic. In In april there’l be “Glumacke svecanosti” which will perform best local professional theaters.

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