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The new substation in the Lucica

Representatives of the social enterprise “Elektromorava” and the town of Pozarevac launched the work of pole transformer station in the village Lucica, which is significantly improved power supply in Lucica and hamlets Popovcic.

Power transformer has a 250 KV power amps and the construction cost is 7.8 million. Half of the funds invested by the power companies and the city of Pozarevac. Director “Elekromorava” Marija Lazic said that investments in the distribution system in this area in 2011. year is around 41 million dinars.

Mayor of Pozarevac Miodrag Milosavljevic announced that the park in the front of “Elekromorava” will be renovated at Davorjanka Paunovic street. Milosavljevic said that “Eletromorava” and the town of Pozarevac will work on the preparation of joint projects that will run in the budgets of local governments and PD Center Kragujevac.

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