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New street names, road reconstruction for Kostolac

New street names in Pozarevac and reconstruction of the highway for Kostolac were, among other things, the dominant theme of the City Council after the meeting that the president of this body, graonačelnik Miodrag Milosavljevic, held a press conference. When addressing the public, Milosavljevic said:

-In Pozarevac last 16 years no new street names to the Council and I take the position that all the nameless streets, specify the name and to change those pravaziđeni. Members of the Council accepted the Commission’s proposal for naming streets and proposed to call a public hearing for three months so that all citizens have the opportunity to, through meetings, local community councils and interactive communication with local government, participate in the appointment. Milosavljevic said that currently a large number of street names and no need to create the table with their names.

The mayor said that the Ministry of Agriculture approved a 13 million dinars to the Deputy Mayor Vukica Vasic signed contract that will allow implementation of the revitalization project of Polish roads. The budget for this purpose allocated 10 million dinars. At the City Development Directorate Pozarevac is now to call for public procurement and, after determining the contractor to start work.

Members of the Council gave approval to publish a competition for funding programs and projects of NGOs and associations, why is allocated 1.5 million dinars with the 500,000 dinars budgetary position of NGOs in the City Municipality Kostolac which will also hold a competition, and the total for this purpose is planned 2 million. It also was approved for funding and financing of projects in the culture of the city budget Pozarevac in 2012. in the amount of 2 million.

One topic that was discussed at the City Council and the future outlook of the City Park after the reconstruction, which will follow the development of conceptual design. It is proposed that the park is more green space. Extend the footpath to the street Moshe Pijade and build a sidewalk along 15th Street October. – We want to be a city park for example, after its organization, and we will start with the arrangement and reconstruction of the facades of city buildings declared a building of special interest for the Republic of Serbia.

Sales of products and items for Easter, at the discretion of the Council, will take place in City Park. The rental amount to 500 dinars per meter.

The decision was also made to set up supervisory authorities for the revitalization of times Pozarevac – Costal, in front of the Directorate for Development of Pozarevac. Signed a contract with “Roads of Serbia”, and it is expected the formation of the supervisory body in front of the republican enterprises. Milosavljevic promised reconstruction to begin within a few days.

Head of City Administration Goran Milenkovic responded to reporters’ questions concerning the requirements for employees increases the coefficient of the City Administration, and said:

-Ordinance is enacted in accordance with the Regulation, which regulates this matter and in consultation with the unions so that the text was adopted that complies with all applicable legal requirements. The effects will be known when do individual solutions. I believe this is the only real answer to the question of salaries of people with secondary education and on the issue of tension but no more talk about earnings before concretization is not a good solution. I think they take into account all relevant circumstances. The application of this Regulation should contribute to Social Security of the aforementioned categories of employees – said Milenkovic.

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