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Third Session of the City Council

In Pozarevac is held the third meeting of the City Council at which it accepted most of the reports, information, suggestions and making important decisions for the everyday life of citizens. Upon completion of the session, a meeting of the Organizing Committee of 49th  “Equestrian Games – Ljubicevo”. The most important topics on the Council and the conclusions of the Organizing Committee LJKI, the public through press conferences, met the Mayor Miomir Ilic.

The session discussed and adopted the collective agreements in JP “Toplifikacija” the PUC “Komunalne sluzbe”. The contracts were last Friday, signed the mayor and representatives of the union of these two companies.

Members of the Council accepted the report of the Veterinary – specialized institutes “Pozarevac” for the second quarter, the results of nutritional support animal control in markets and in Pozarevac and Kostolac.

The report notes that more than 98 percent controlled life and nutritional support in Pozarevac and Kostolac properly, said Ilic.

At the suggestion of the Mayor, the Council adopted amendments to the Rules on internal organization and job classification in the Pozarevac City Administration. The changes are primarily related to the number of Deputy Mayor. The mayor is entitled to, according to the law on local self-select up to five of his assistants.

– In accordance with the conditions and economic opportunities, I thought that they only need two assistants, one of which is already responsible for the field of urban planning. Three systematized jobs will be filled. If there is a need for a number of additional workers, employ consultants through a contract for a limited time, said Ilic.

Members of the Council refused the request of a flea market vendors to move from Dragovac to Lucica road. The Mayor announced that the current location of flea market, communal outfit.

Chamber accepted the initiative of the Department of Property, utilities and transportation requirements for regulation of the use of the land ejavne purpose for existing small set of prefabricated buildings temporary. Specifically, Ilic announced the adoption of rules, which will be regulated by placing small prefabricated buildings in defined locations of the city. Kiosk owners who have paid their obligations, contracts that expire at the end of this month, will be extended until the end of this year.

– These jobs were at first entrusted to the Public Company Directorate of building, and then two years ago and handed over to the City Administration. However, because of certain shortcomings, which is necessary for the sake of the new act, jobs will be re-assigned to the Directorate of building. The City Council made a decision to be made pravilnk, which will, after the declaration of Councillors in the City, will be defined locations for setting up temporary prefabricated buildings, the mayor said.

The City Council has approved the request last week’s session of the Belgrade Company for wholesale and retail “Futura plus” for the relocation of the kiosks in the city center in Pozarevac. Kiosk, which is currently in front of the former pharmacy Kuzmanovic, probably will be moved to the hotel “Danube”.

The occasion of the 49th session of the Organizing Committee LJKI, the mayor was informed that the 2 or 3 August to determine the final program of this year’s Games, which will employ approximately the same amount of funding as last year’s event. The whole organization fits to the sum of 20 million to 21 million dinars.  Organizers of games are considered a good proposal Moto Club “Fire” and accepted their request to the lagoon Ljubicevo “YU Group” to bring a concert.

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