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Started gasification in Pozarevac

On a site measuring and regulating station at a recycling center in Pozarevac were officially opened work on the construction of the gas distribution network, which will be the total length of 300 kilometers, while the value of the construction of gas supply is 13 million euros. 

City Pozarevac will be fully covered by a network of low and medium pressure, said executive director for investment Srbijagas Jovica Budimir. He added that the construction period of three years. Budimir said that the main gas pipeline to Pozarevac to be completed by the end of 2012. year.

-By the end of the year we plan to finish high pressure gas pipeline. Srbijagas plans to invest about 20 million, he said.

Users in Pozarevac gas will grow successively, as the network is expanded, said Director of Gas Invest gasification, gasification of the contractor, Ljubomir Sikora.

-It is planned to have about 20,000 cubic meters of simultaneous consumption. The buildings will be constructed in eight phases, which means that the city will receive successive gas that is the measuring and regulating station closed. In this way, the gas will gradually enter, so that people understand the benefits it brings. I hope that the project will be completed on time”.

Mayor of Pozarevac Miodrag Milosavljevic said that several years in Pozarevac has been no activity on the construction of gas distribution network, but that after arduous negotiations come to a solution.

-It is important that the price of a single port for all cities in the country and should not be higher than 650 euros, he said, adding that the network will be spread throughout the city.

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