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Pozarevac received recognition for access to public information

Traditionally recognized for their contribution to the affirmation of the right to access information of public importance, in the category of local government, was won this year in Pozarevac. The ceremony took place on that occasion, the premises of the National Library in Belgrade, the Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection, Rodoljub Sabic gave the award to mayor of Pozarevac, Miomir Ilic . This event was organized by Transparency Serbia, the Organization for Security and Cooperation United Nations Development Program, the Coalition for Freedom of Information, the Association of Journalists of Serbia and the Independent Journalists Association of Serbia with the participation of many representatives of the media, NGOs, government and members of the diplomatic corps. The ceremony was dedicated to the celebration of the International Day for the Right to Know, 28 September, and held a jubilee-tenth. With Rodoljub Sabic, the meeting was addressed Pole Tide, Acting Head of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Serbia, Jurg Staudeman, Acting Permanent Representative to the United Nations Development Programme in Serbia.

Commissioner Rodoljub Sabic said that the city Pozarevac deserved this award in previous years, but this has not happened so far is the “injustice” is corrected. Thanks to the award granted, Mayor Miomir Ilic said that award is deserved due to the good work of Pozarevac and its authority in this area over the past few years in the past and the present session of the local government. Mayor Ilic also highlighted the contribution of Nebojsa Trajkovic, a graduate lawyer the City of Pozarevac authorized persons to decide on requests for free access to information of public importance, and that will certainly be on the award the incentive for better work in this important area during the next period.

These awards and this year was appointed by the Commission for the selection of candidates for the award for the contribution to the affirmation of the right to free access to public information and transparency in the work of whose members are representatives of the Coalition for Freedom of Information, journalists’ associations and academic and public recognition is awarded to everyone Commissioner Sabic patriot.

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