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Receiving leaders of the European Handball Federation

Head man of  European Handball Federation Torah Liana and his associates had visited the mayor Miodrag Milosavljevic and President of the City Milomir Ilic In the Days of handball in Pozarevac.

– We believe that you have something to see on the site Viminacium, because it is one of the world’s major sites and our great historical and cultural tourist opportunity. We also believe that you did not accidentally in Pozarevac because Pozarevac is city of youth and sport with a long tradition. Six of our teams competing in the Serbian elite, of which two handball team are Pozarevac and Kostolacki Rudar. Hence, we can proudly say that we and the city handball. City Pozarevac lot of money, effort and energy invested in the sport and working with young teams. We do this because young people are our future, he said, among other things, the receipt of the main people prepared for the European Handball Federation and the Handball Association of Serbia, Miodrag Milosavljevic Pozarevac Mayor, welcoming guests in the host name.

The reception was attended by Miomir Ilic president of the City, and his associates, Zarko Pivac, MP, representatives of sports associations and handball clubs Pozarevac and Rudar, and handball players of these male and female teams.

Thanks for the warm reception and hospitality, President of the European Handball  Federation (EHF) Lijan Torre noted that the Serbian people has many values ​​and resources, the history and traditions through folklore and culture to sports and then said

– Sport is not just a competition. It is a way of bringing people and nations. That is why we are fortunate to have such a successful, brilliantly organized championship in Serbia. As President of Handball Federation I am very grateful for everything you have done in organizing this event. I also pointed out a great atmosphere in the stands and cheering by the audience in every city. “

Mayor of Pozarevac and President of the European Handball Federation and his colleagues then looked at an attractive range of cultural and artistic members of society “Mladost” from Poljana, is pleased to try traditional Serbian cuisine specialties and exchanged giftswith the hosts  in memory of this meeting.

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