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Known industrial centers in Pozarevac are  “Bambi,” a company “Termoelektrane i kopovi” Kostolac (formerly industrial energy plant “Kostolac”), “Veolia Transport” (formerly TP “Litas”) and “Zitostig”. Most of the other, once developed industry, strongly shaken in the nineties of last century, when a large number of big businesses collapsed or weakened (Meat industry, “Voceprodukt”, “Stizanka”, Sugar Factory, Machine Factory “Morava”,  “Ceba” ,” Moravka” etc.). In a significant development are the small business and construction and agricultural production. Due to the fact that part of the population of villages аре in the vicinity of the work abroad, in Pozarevac significantly invest in small businesses, construction and services in the area.

In Pozarevac is also a large number of supermarkets such as Rodic, Tempo and Enel. In the downtown renovation, a new shopping mall Belgrade by “Verano Motors” and they invested most of its budget for the reconstruction and renovation.


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