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Department of Environmental Protection

Department of Environmental Protection performs tasks related to:

  • protection and enhancement of the environment in accordance with the basic law on environmental protection and the following special laws: Law on Environmental Protection, Law on Air Protection, Law on the Protection of Environmental Noise, Law on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection, Law on Waste Management, Law on Chemicals and the Law on biocidal products;
  • strategic assessment of plans and programs on the environment (Law on Strategic Environmental Assessment) and assess the impact of projects on the environment (Impact Assessment Act;
  • integrated prevention and control of environmental pollution (Law on Integrated Prevention and Control of Environmental Pollution) and other areas to protect natural resources and environment, the rights and duties to monitor the situation, arranges and manages the activities in the areas specified above laws.

The Service carries out environmental protection throughout the territory of Pozarevac, or in the territory of its two (2) of the municipality.

The work of the Service was organized within the following areas:

1. Environmental monitoring,

2. Planning and Project Management

3. Environmental Management

1. Environmental monitoring related to performing the following tasks:

  • development and implementation of program monitoring and quality control of the environment (air, water, public fountains, soil, measurement of noise pollution, the level of non-ionizing radiation);
  • situation analysis, monitoring implementation of norms and standards of environmental quality, and propose appropriate measures;
  • establishing a register of local pollution;
  • adoption of air quality plans and action plans to reduce risk while exceeding the concentration of pollutants hazardous to human health,
  • preparation of strategic noise maps and sound zoning;
  • declaration of state of endangerment of the environment in case of accident,
  • processing, processing and storing data on environmental quality;
  • preparing, maintaining and using data from established registers and specific data bases;
  • organize the activities of biological control populations of harmful organisms (mosquitoes, ticks, rodents), or the realization of their control in the city of Pozarevac

2. Planning and managing projects related to performing the following tasks:

  • preparation, drafting and proposing strategic plans for environmental protection;
  • preparation and publication of data and information about the state of the environment;
  • Web site maintenance services;
  • maintenance and use of data from specific database of interest for the protection of the environment;
  • perform delegated tasks related to waste management

3. Environmental management refers to the professional performing the following tasks:

  • approval for the environmental assessment of plans, programs and projects on the environment;
  • issuance of permits for the operation of facilities and activities;
  • licensing of waste management;
  • licensing of stationary sources of air pollution;
  • issuance of operating licenses of dangerous chemicals and permits for the use of hazardous chemicals;
  • Public book keeping procedures conducted assessments of environmental impact;
  • keeping the Register of issued permits for waste management;
  • establishing the conditions and environmental protection measures for planning and spatial planning and construction;
  • development of nature protection and management of natural resources
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