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Agreement on the revitalization of rural roads

Deputy Mayor Vukica Vasic signed an agreement on the allocation of funds for the revitalization of local government or development of field roads in 25 villages in the City at the Ministry of Agriculture, Trade, Forestry and Water Management.

Event was attended by the Minister Dusan Petrovic and his associates. Otherwise, the total value of this investment, which will contribute to the efficiency of the farming business, is 23 million dinars, of which the Ministry chose 13 million while the rest is provided from the budget of Pozarevac. These funds will be sufficient to be regulated almost 120 000 square meters of rural roads, which means that each village belong to more than 900,000 dinars.

Deputy mayor expressed his gratitude to the Ministry of allocated funds as well as satisfaction with their height in the current circumstances because the money intended for the revitalization of local roads in the villages competed a total of 46 municipalities and cities. Vukica Vasic emphasizes the fact that the Ministry recognized the need to develop agricultural production in the city of Pozarevac which will significantly contribute to the planning of rural roads as farmers will provide easier access to farms for processing field and transport goods.

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