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Health Center Pozarevac

The health center was established on 1 Pozarevac in April 1989. Founded seven medical centers, general hospitals Pozarevac, pharmaceutical and hospital facilities in Petrovac.

Pharmacy has been designated the year 1996, and Petrovac Health Center, Health Center and Health Center Žagubica great Gradište 1997.

Health Center Pozarevac practice health activity in the five municipalities Branicevo district for about 162,000 inhabitants, but also for the total population of the county that attracts him. It is organized into four health centers and general hospital in Pozarevac. The largest medical center in Pozarevac, organized by type of complex medical center with two special services in Mali and Crnice Kostolac. Developed forms exist in home health and Kucevo Žabari, while the basic form of Golubac health center. Health centers, depending on the size, provide health care in the field of general medicine, emergency medical services, multi-purpose health visitors and health education, care of preschool and school children, women health care, dental care, laboratory and X-ray diagnostics, physical medicine and rehabilitation, home health and health care, oncology, and medicine pneumoftiziologija with additional specialties.

General Hospital performs patient health care in the field of surgical branches (and children’s general surgery, orthopedics with traumatology, gynecology, obstetrics and neonatology with, urology, ophthalmology and ENT), Internal Medicine with coronary units and services for dialysis, pediatrics, infectious diseases, dermatology, physical medicine and rehabilitation, neurology and psychiatry, anesthesia and resuscitation, laboratory and X-ray diagnostics, clinical pathology and transfusion.

In health centers annually performs about 3 million health services in primary care, of which close to 830,000 medical examinations. In the hospital during the year treated 15,000 people and achieved around 147,000 patient days using 560 beds. Surgical services for one year perform about 5,000 operations, while in the service performed for 17,500 hemodialysis dialysis. The hospital performs specialist consulting services in the annual volume of nearly 860,000 medical examinations, medical interventions and other health services.

The population of concern to health care employees in 2098 for an indefinite period, of which 300 doctors, 50 dentists, 30 medical assistants with university degrees and 5 administrative staff with university degrees. A higher degree of medical majors have 100 employees, while medium medical personnel 1080th The largest number of employees has a hospital – 900, followed by a home health Pozarevac 780, 120 Kucevo, Zabari 80, Golubac 75 and 165 employees shared services.

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